Plans, Permits, NOC

Construction is booming in South Florida and any contractor knows that dealing with planning, zoning, building departments can be both time consuming and frustrating. You’ve got more important things to do than to sit in the waiting room of the building department, only to find that you need to take your plans through DEP first, or to find you need Surface Water or Contaminated Sites signed off by the County. Hours spent in a building department means less hours spent onsite. Crown Consulting can take that burden off of you, so that you can concentrate on moving your projects along and getting them done on time.

Are you a General Contractor, Architect, Engineer, Sub-Contractor, Owner-Builder or someone who does business with a local or county building department, Fire Plan Review, Court Clerk to file Notice of Commencements, waiting in line to have construction plans reviewed, when you could be on the job or in your office getting valuable work completed. Do you find yourself spending countless hours in the Building Department, waiting to talk with Building Officials, getting plans moved from one department to the other, or running to the Courthouse to files a Notice of Commencement? Where is a Notary when you need one? Crown Consulting FL LLC, offers permit processing, construction plans processing and Notice Of Commencement Services and Notary Services, we come to you.

Need to get subcontractor applications signed, but find it difficult to get the subcontractor to return them? Crown Consulting will bring the applications to your sub on their jobsite and have them sign and notarize on the spot.

What forms do you need? Anyone who is in the construction business knows that every city has different requirements. Did you know that in Broward County, before you can even go in for permit, your plans must have prior approval from Broward DEP? How long soea it take to have Surface Water Approval? This process can take 60 days! It’s one of the first things that should be addressed when starting a project. You find yourself watching the clock in your office, knowing that you need to get to the building department before they close, so you head out at 3pm, thinking you’ve got plenty of time, right? WRONG! Some offices have a 3pm cut-off and while they do not close until 4:30, if your name is not in the system by 3pm, they will not see you, or even worse, you arrive on a Friday afternoon, only to find that they have a 4 day work week and they’re closed! These minor annoyances and more are enough to make anyone frustrated. Why be frustrated when Crown Consulting can take that burden off your shoulders?

Remember this: Your time is better spent bidding projects, negotiating contracts, finding upcoming projects to get on bid lists. Why spend hours on permitting when Crown Consulting is here to do that for you.

We service all of South Florida, from St. Lucie County, South to Miami-Dade and West to Naples and Ft.. Myers.

Call Crown Consulting today and let us lighten your load!