Business Consulting

Crown Consulting FL, LLC offers services to businesses large and small. Crown Consulting is Licensed and Insured.

~Construction services, building department visits, Notice Of Commencement Recording, doing the things that every construction professional, architect, engineer, sub-contractor all know takes valuable time away from doing to important things that they could be doing instead.

~Happy and healthy staff and co-workers make for a productive and profitable company, thus everyone doing well. When CEO’s, Officers, Employees and staff have an issue arise, they may not always feel comfortable going to Human Resources and their might be issues in their personal lives, which have nothing to do with business, but still ends up holding them back. This is where a Corporate Wellness Consultant and Certified Life Coach can step in and have a confidential conversation with whoever might need to talk.

~People cannot help it, unless you are practicing mindfullness on a daily, hourly basis, life has a way of getting in the way. When life gets in the way, people suffer. When people suffer, productivity suffers. It is the obligation of every company, big or small, to see to it that their employees are of healthy mind and body.

~Crown Consulting FL, LLC offers a variety of services for both the business aspects and those who have a responsibility to keep the business running smoothly.

  • A Corporate Wellness Program: This is an ongoing, overall health and wellness, personalized plan for each individual company
  • A Corporate Life Coach Consultant: This is where people can bring up the challenges they face and work out the steps they can take to overcome those obstacles and achieve success, both in their personal life and their work life.
  • A Corporate Healthy Living Program: Employees who are out of shape, in either (or both) body and mind, cannot be 100% productive in their workplace environment. Healthy living, eating, regular exercise are just some of the ingredients necessary to promote and nurture a healthy mind and body.
  • Improving inter-office working relationships
  • Increase Moral and engagement
  • Learning to practice Mindfulness and be present in the moment
  • Health and Fitness Challenges
  • Weight Loss Challenge, between teams, thus requiring each person to support the others on their team
  • Organize a Health Fair and bring experts in on various topics
  • Encouraging a “giving back to the community” campaign

~Each Corporate Wellness Program is tailored to the individual business.

~Crown Consulting FL, LLC can provide the following service:

  • Notary Services
  • Organization
  • Workplace Observation and Evaluation
  • Evaluating where money is being wasted and could be redirected or saved.
  • Creating a company newsletter and employee recognition/appreciation program
  • Secret Shopper
  • Product Promotions
  • Representation at events geared towards a target audience
  • Specialty Consulting
    • Construction Permitting and plans expediting
    • Notice of Commencement filing
    • Value Engineering (Pointing out where you can have the same look and results, with less costs)
    • Pick-Up & Delivery (Need original signed and sealed drawings picked up from your architect and delivered to you GC?)

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