Your Business & Legal Issues

Does your business have a lawsuit waiting to happen? Would you know if it was staring you right in the face?

Is your staff providing good customer service? Or do you not notice that some customers might not be so happy?

What if that lawsuit didn’t have to happen, because you were able to be proactive in eliminating a problem before it became a problem? What if you didn’t lose that customer or get a bad review because someone was not performing up to standards.

Sadly, there are unscrupulous people who target businesses in order to find reasons to sue them. Does your floor dip down where someone could trip? Is your handicap bathroom stall, sink, towel dispenser and door ADA acceptable?

These might seem like little things, but when they come to keeping your company from falling victim to a bogus lawsuit, or an unhappy customer leaving and possibly writing a bad review, they can make all the difference in the world.

How’s your customer service? What does your staff sound like when they answer the phone? How do they represent your organization? Do your customers feel ignored when they walk in the door or do they feel welcomed? Do you have customers sitting, searching for assistance or service, only to find themselves frustrated because no one is paying attention? Have you ever noticed a customer walk out because they felt ignored?

Some of the services which we offer our clients:

  • Evaluating your ADA compliance
  • Evaluating your location for possible hazards, including trip and fall
  • Evaluating your customer service for the highest of standards
  • Working with your staff to “up their game”
  • Recommendations for increasing traffic
  • and more…..

Reach out to us at Crown Consulting, FL LLC and see what we can do for your business. Do not allow your business to fall victim to the greed of unscrupulous people who seek to only make a profit. You’ve worked hard to build your business, why allow some greedy person to bring you harm or an unhappy customer to hurt your reputation.

We work to save you headaches, so you can focus on growing!